Imtech consolidates in electrical and HVAC engineering in the UK

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Imtech, a UK specialist in technical and energy services associated with the Dalkia group, acquires Spie UK. This operation makes it possible to expand its offer to specialized services in industrial instrumentation, cleanrooms and safety systems.

One of the main players in engineering services and decarbonisation solutions in health and industry, Imtech acquires Spie UK. Subject to regulatory approvals, this operation will complement Imtech’s current offering with a range of specialist services in industrial instrumentation, cleanroom and safety systems.

Jointly owned by Dalkia and EDF Energy, Imtech operates in the UK in four areas of expertise: electrical and HVAC engineering, multi-technical maintenance, energy services and control systems. The recent acquisition of Spie UK, which achieved a turnover of 200 million pounds sterling by 2021, is part of its strategy to grow in its main markets of electrical and HVAC installation work, multi-technical maintenance and energy services. It will also enable it to increase the share of its long-term income in its business portfolio.

Furthermore, this operation responds to Dalkia’s “Cap 2026” strategy, which aims to become one of the leaders in its field in the UK. It is also part of EDF’s commitment to support its customers, public and private, in the energy transition to combat climate change.

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