In Briec, the Amazon platform opens its doors… and the inhabitants are waiting to see – Quimper

Rarely has a project gotten so much ink flowing… And yet. After much controversy, it is Thursday, October 27, that Amazon, the American e-commerce giant, will launch its logistics platform in the Lumunoc’h area of ​​Briec. From his house, located in a place called Pargamou, just a stone’s throw from the site, Alain witnessed every stage of the construction of the impressive blue and gray building. “The Amazon warehouse? I haven’t really gone into the subject… If it’s community development, then there’s nothing we can do about it”, notes this craftsman, fatalistically. “My fear is that it will harm the local business. And then there’s the American mentality: they know how to counter labor laws… We’ll see!”

Sitting in her kitchen, Marie*, a neighbor, is surprised to be asked for her opinion today: “We were never consulted, so Amazon, I don’t think too much about it… It was forced, there was nothing to say . To choose, I would have preferred local, smaller businesses,” laments the pensioner. “Besides, it will devalue the house to have it next door, I didn’t think the industrial zone would come so close to us… time will tell “.

“If it’s going to make it look like Lidl…”

At Cauldron Glazik, a working-class restaurant well-known to passing workers, the watchword is the same: “We’ll see how it goes,” says Sylvain, a customer from Plogonnec, before sitting down to eat. “Basically, I was quite against it. Of course, labor law in this type of business raises questions. If it has to make it look like Lidl… To see”. His colleague Jean-Luc from Concarneau also shows a mixed atmosphere: “On the one hand, it is good because it will provide work for a few people. Afterward, isn’t it likely that Amazon will gobble up other companies? I do not know “.

Is the future of commerce dependent on the web giants?

Reservations that do not affect Ludovic Jolivet **: two after defending the project with elected officials, the former president of QBO and former mayor of Quimper maintains his position regarding the establishment of Amazon in Briec: “It is obvious that this platform is an opportunity for the territory. Those who today want to develop our municipalities by doing without mass distribution are wrong. For me, you could not miss Amazon (…). We are experiencing a big change in our consumption patterns and it is usually that there is resistance. These people, if they want to live with candles and horses, let them. But whether we like it or not, society is changing, and today there are several benefits to embracing this transformation than to oppose it”.

Finally, from afar, but with the sharp eyes of those who will not be fooled, everyone will attend the debut of the American group in Cornwall this Thursday… Hoping that the future will not give them reason to disillusionment.

*Name has been changed

** Contacted, the mayor of Briec did not respond to our requests

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