In Great Britain, season 5 of the series “The Crown” reacts.

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There are millions waiting for it. The crown is back on Netflix. Season 5, long awaited, tells the story of the 1990s, a turbulent period for the British royal family. The episodes will be published on Wednesday 8 November. Two months after the death of Elizabeth II, the series has never been so watched and so criticized.

With our correspondent in London, Marie Boeda

Prince Charles pressures Prime Minister John Major. The heir to the crown will overthrow his mother. The controversy erupts before the release of the first episode.

In real life, even the former head of government took the pen: this scene is completely fake, he writes. It’s a disrespectful series given the recent death of Elizabeth II, adds Mr.

It is a fiction inspired by real events, the creators insist The crown. But we can see that certain voices are being raised. A warning should be added to the series, a way to prevent viewers from getting the wrong ideas about their new king.

Not worth it to Maggie. In a shopping street in London, the pensioner introduces herself as a fan and she is not deceived, she says: ” Charles is a cold-blooded animal, it is a true portrait. But I think it’s fiction, it’s a good story, and it makes me laugh. »

Charles III is not spared, in the Peter Morgan series. His relationship with his mother is described as strained. His union with Lady Di disintegrates. The royal family’s popularity plummets. And the princess gives a resounding interview on the BBC, where she confides that there were three of them in the marriage.

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