in the UK, Forest Green Rovers FC make the grass greener – Liberation


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FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar, a controversial worldcase

Solar panels on the roof, vegan canteen, supporters’ urine recycled for the pitch and choice of sponsors: the third division club in the small town of Nailsworth is, according to the UN and Fifa, the greenest in the world. And calls on the entire sports world to follow his example.

It is a football club that fascinates and divides. Forest Green Rovers (FGR), in the small town of Nailsworth, in south-west England, wants to be at the forefront of ecology. An approach against the current of a sport often criticized for its environmental impact, especially at the time of the controversial World Cup in Qatar. And it’s provoking mixed reactions, even at the Nailsworth market, which is being held this Saturday morning under the sun. “They are vegan and self-sufficient. In terms of the environment, the club sets the standards., says Mark, a veterinarian who moved here with his family last year. On the other hand, for the local butcher, Paul Dowdeswell, it is the club’s policy


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