In the UK, the endless waiting time at the hospital

Stephen Barclay, Secretary of State for Health and Social Protection, saw his budget jump by almost €4 billion last July to relieve the burden on Britain’s public health system over two years. ALBERTO PEZZALI/NurPhoto via AFP

Ambulances, appointments, home care, the UK public health system is largely saturated. A situation that leads to tragedies.


An 85-year-old lady with a broken hip waited … fourteen hours for an ambulance to come to collect her from her home in Cornwall. In front of the hospital, she had to wait another twenty-six hours in excruciating pain because the establishment lacked beds. In Hertfordshire, a patient with severe breathing difficulties had to go to hospital by Uber because the wait for an ambulance was … 18 hours. As these recent examples show, the British health system (National Health Service, NHS) is once again on the brink of collapse. In October, emergency services were unable to answer 23% of calls. That’s one in four! About 5,000 patients have suffered serious consequences, including death…

Added to this is the virtual impossibility of getting a doctor’s appointment and endless waiting lists for operations. “There are now 7.1 million people waiting for an intervention…

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