In the United Kingdom, a man tries to throw eggs in the direction of Charles III

A man was arrested by British police on Wednesday after throwing eggs in the direction of King Charles III, narrowly missing the traveling monarch in northern England.

In footage from British television channels, the king and his wife Camilla are seen shaking hands on a street in York, cheered by Britons who have come to greet them, as three eggs are thrown in their direction and fall a few centimeters. “This country was built with the blood of slaves,” the man behind the incident allegedly shouted before being arrested by several police officers.

“Shame on you”

“Shame on you,” condemned onlookers who came in their hundreds to greet the new king and his wife. “God save the king,” some added.

Charles, 73, and Camilla, 75, are traveling to the north of England to unveil a new statue of Queen Elizabeth II on Wednesday, the first since the monarch’s death in September.

Charles III, who will be crowned in May, eight months after taking the throne, is far less popular than his late mother, who was adored by Britons throughout her 70-year reign.

After the death of Elizabeth II, however, he registered a surge in popularity, but he is still less esteemed than his son William and his wife, Kate.

Great Britain: King Charles III is crowned on May 6 at Westminster Abbey



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