In the United Kingdom, double ration of inflation at Christmas

“Austerity is likely to be on the Christmas menu this year”, alert The Guardian. Across the Channel, the average price of a traditional meal has risen by almost 10% in a year. Almost all the main holiday ingredients are affected, from parsnips (+30%) to sparkling wine (+4%) and potatoes (+20%), according to research firm Kantar data. “The British Federation of Trade Unions draws a similar conclusion in a separate studyspecifies the newspaper, classified on the left. According to his calculations, presented in view of the arm-wrestling over pay, prices have risen three times faster than wages this year. And the popular classes are at the forefront, “considering that the poorest part of the population spends up to a fifth of their income on the purchase of food”.

Specifically, for a family of four the total cost of a dish, a dessert and a glass of wine is around thirty pounds (35 euros), summing up Financial Times.

“Despite a small drop in November, food prices remain very close to levels not seen for fifteen years, and this while the population continues to face a major cost of living crisis.”

Finansavisen attributes this inflation to the rise in energy costs for two years, a phenomenon exacerbated by the war in Ukraine. “This reality affects agriculture and mass distribution, which then transfers the increase to the labels on the shelves.” According to the economic daily newspaper By AM, the increase in the price of turkeys is explained alongside the slaughter of 1.6 million poultry as part of the bird flu epidemic observed in the country in recent months. “For many consumers, this is an additional blow in an already complicated period.”

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