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In the United Kingdom, public radio is expecting a power outage

In particular, the public will be advised to use battery-powered radios. JUSTIN TALLIS / AFP

The BBC is said to have planned to broadcast emergency messages for widespread power or gas cuts lasting up to two days.

The BBC, British public service radio, is said to have discreetly prepared messages to be broadcast on FM and TV in the event of a general blackout or gas supply shortage this winter.

According to The Guardian, behind the news, the messages in question predict a widespread blackout that could lead to the failure of mobile networks, traffic lights and banking systems in England, Wales and Scotland. Northern Ireland, for its part, will not be affected as it shares its electricity supply network with the Republic of Ireland.

In particular, the public will be advised to use battery-operated radio receivers so that they can continue to be well informed and listen to emergency broadcasts. A document suggests the expected blackout could last up to two days. In particular, a notification states:The government said it hoped power would be restored within the next 36 to 48 hours. Different parts of the UK will start receiving periodic supplies at that time.“.

Cooperation with the government

The BBC works closely with the Government, as its public service role requires. But it is not known whether the government this time participated in the development of these hypothetical scenarios in particular, specifies The Guardian. The public service media have an official role in the event of a major crisis in the country by disseminating essential information in support of emergency preparedness in particular. In emergency “a Minister may direct the BBC to broadcast or distribute any announcement or other programme“, specify the official documents governing the distribution of the media.

According to The Guardian, while the government has been as reassuring as possible on several occasions, the regulator National Grid, which oversees the UK’s electricity supply, has issued a rare warning that the power supply could be at risk. “The organization said at worst it could order planned blackouts of up to three hours a day if Russia cut off all gas supplies to Europe“, also states the British daily.




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