In the United Kingdom, the murderer convicted the rapist of the corpse again

This exposed affair had deeply shaken the country in 2021.

He had sexually assaulted more than 100 corpses of women in hospital morgues: already jailed for life, a 60-year-old British man was convicted of further charges on Wednesday, the latest step in the case.unprecedentedfor British justice.

Before the court in London, which imposed four years in prison for the sexual penetration of corpses and possession of extreme pornography on 23 victims between 2007 and 2020, David Fuller, who had admitted the facts, remained passive in relation to the sentence. This 68-year-old electrician had already been sentenced to life imprisonment in December 2021 for similar actions on several dozen deceased women as well as for the murder of two young women in 1987.

In total, David Fuller thus sexually assaulted the bodies”of at least 101 women and girls, although ten of the victims could not be identified and likely never will be” said the prosecutor during this last hearing. The youngest of his victims was nine years old, the oldest 100 years old. “You remain in prison until your death” Launched the judge, announcing the additional punishment imposed on him.

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When the facts were revealed, the prosecution had emphasized that it was a case”unprecedented in British legal history“. At the two hospitals in the south of England where he worked as an electrician, David Fuller worked mainly at night and was therefore often alone when the staff had left, and thus had easy access to the morgues and refrigerators where the bodies of the deceased were kept .saved..

For more than ten years he was never seen, but he was finally confused and arrested in December 2020 after the police identified him through his DNA as a suspect in the 1987 murder of two young women in Tunbridge Wells (southeast of England). He sexually assaulted and strangled them.

During the search of his home, the investigators found a gigantic amount of pornographic images as well as video sequences in which he had filmed during the attacks he committed in the morgues.

Independent investigation

Ahead of Wednesday’s sentencing, the victims’ families spoke in court, as did the daughter of one of the assaulted women who spoke about her.”absolute disgustand describes David Fuller as a “crazy“.

David Fuller smeared every memory I had of my sister because all I can think of is what he did to my sister when she should have found restsaid the brother to one of the victims. Last month, financial compensation was provided to the victims’ families in light of their trauma.

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You do not consider the dignity of the dead», «your perversity in your actions regarding those you killed and those you desecrated after their death shows that your conscience has been reduced to nothing“, assaulted the judge on Wednesday, addressing David Fuller. This case has caused fear in the United Kingdom, prompting members of the House of Lords to call for an increase in the penalty for sexual abuse of corpses, currently two years in prison.

Boris Johnson, then prime minister, also reacted after the conviction of David Fuller for the two murders in 1987, while the health secretary at the time, Sajid Javid, launched an independent inquiry to analyze how the sex worker could have committed such acts in public. hospitals for so long without anyone noticing. Its results are expected next year.


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