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insurance for each animal, which reassures the owners

Insurance for each animal that reassures the owners Agria

While old age and its procession of health problems do not spare our four-legged friends, it is difficult to find insurance in France that accepts to cover their care beyond the fateful limit of 8 years or so in conditions that may discourage their owner. Unlike other players in the sector, Agria Assurance pour Animaux (Agria) insures all animals from the age of six weeks and without any age restriction on subscription.

Insurance suitable for animals of all ages

Agria was established in Sweden in 1890 and protects more than 1.2 million animals in Europe. It has been present on French territory since April 2018. One of its distinctive features is to offer tailored insurance regardless of age or race. While many insurance policies no longer cover dogs or cats after their eighth birthday, Agria insures them without age limit with the same lifetime guarantees. The subscription amount does not increase in relation to the number of vet visits and the refunds do not decrease in relation to the animal’s age. Agria allows the owners to choose between several options and decide for themselves, among several options, the annual reimbursement ceiling as well as the reimbursement and deduction rate that suits them.

Agria offers financial insurance for small budgets, as well as optimal and tailored insurances, which are more comprehensive and offer the best guarantees. There is also a special accident insurance. The guarantees offered by Agria are very attractive: the insurance company reimburses up to €7,200 in veterinary expenses per year. This includes, depending on the option chosen, veterinary consultations, costs of surgery and hospitalization, medical analyses, medical imaging procedures, medications, death and euthanasia. Agria Assurance pour Animaux offers very short waiting times: dogs or cats are covered by Agria within 24 hours for accidents and surgical procedures and within 20 days for illnesses and surgical procedures. Agria does not charge any application fees or administration fees. For lovers of dogs or cats, the insurance gives a 10% discount on the other animal. An extraordinary discount of 20% is offered on the first insurance year for puppies or kittens insured before 4 months of age.

Agria, an animal health expert

With more than 130 years of existence, Agria has a perfect knowledge of animals, their pathologies and their needs according to their breed and age. Agria is not only an insurance company, but also an expert in animal health. Every year, part of the company’s profits goes to veterinary research. Agria research fund, established in 1938, aims to promote animal research in various fields. She has also developed strong ties with both vets and breeders as well as pet owners. This expertise and these links give it strong legitimacy and reassure dog or cat owners who are concerned about the well-being of their four-legged companions.




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