Insurance reimburses contraception, marketing coup denounced

The offer is already on the insurance site. Any contraception prescribed by a medical prescription or which requires the intervention of a doctor – such as the IUD or the pill – is covered by the complementary insurance, it is indicated. Sterilization costs are also covered.

Reimbursement is provided for at 90%, up to 500 francs per year. However, this cover cannot be chosen independently of other options. To see her contraception costs reimbursed, the insured must therefore pay for additional insurance which includes other options, such as the reimbursement of glasses, a fitness subscription or even spa treatments.

Several tens of francs per month

To illustrate, Jérôme Mariéthoz, director of private client health and insurance at Groupe Mutuel, specifies: a woman who would be between 40 and 45 years old, separated, who would live with two children in an apartment in Renens would pay an average of 86 francs per month, or 1032 francs per year – without having to pay a deductible.

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“People helped by the funds for contraception from Swiss Sexual Health do not have the means to pay for an additional several tens of francs per month”, underlines the president of Swiss Sexual Health, Léonore Porchet, while recalling that the fund is in great demand. “He was even exhausted during the health crisis,” she points out.

For the national councilor (Vert e s / VD), the new offer of Groupe Mutuel is “a very good marketing proposal which makes it possible to attract “good risks” mainly in a young age group.

“A matter of health”

In his view, contraception should be covered by basic health insurance. “Unlike acupuncture or fitness, contraception concerns the entire population,” said the elected Vaudois. “Controlling your own fertility is a health issue, as is abortion,” she continues.

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For Jérôme Mariéthoz, this wish is not realistic: “The costs of health care borne by basic insurance have increased very sharply over the years. We must take care to limit the coverage of new services”.

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