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Insurance: the green card had to disappear from our windshield to be dematerialized

For forty years, every year motorists have become accustomed to putting a new green sticker on the windscreen of their vehicle, confirming that they are well insured. However, this ritual could disappear, as Bruno Le Maire, the economy minister, said after a meeting with insurance companies. However, the decision will not be made until next year. “We are working with the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, to remove this little green sticker that you have to stick behind your windshield, which shows that you are well insured,” according to his remarks reported by Les Echos.

In reality, the removal of this paper tag would be replaced by a dematerialized system. In fact, the association of insurance companies has been fighting for months for checks to be carried out from the register of insured vehicles. When checking, the simple reading of the number plate should thus make it possible to know whether the vehicle is in order or not.

“Back then, it was rightfully created to combat non-insurance. But today we have all the technical means to simplify the lives of the French and improve the fight against fraud, Franck Le Vallois, general manager of France Assureurs, had pleaded in our columns in May.

The file of insured vehicles for verification

For insurance companies, the File of Insured Vehicles (FAV), founded in 2016 by companies to combat these fraudsters who falsify proof of insurance to get through, has been available since 2019 for law enforcement. And every insurance company is required to register all new insured vehicles within 72 hours.

“There may be errors in the registration of information in the margin, but nothing prevents the delivery of a certificate of insurance to settle the dispute. The reliability is more than 99%, continued Franck Le Vallois, adding: “In any case, it is more more reliable than a simple visual check, which cannot determine whether it is a fake or not…”

Still, according to insurers, this system would offer greater “convenience” for users. According to them, drivers would no longer be forced to travel with the insurance certificate in the glove compartment or wallet, at the risk of being fined 35 euros. However, this point should be clarified. In the event of an accident, how will individuals know if the other driver’s vehicle is actually insured?

In addition, this simplification would be a significant element in lowering the costs of insurance companies. According to the Federation of Insurance, this would avoid printing costs of around 50 million documents a year.



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