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“It is more and more complicated for agencies to obtain an RC Pro! »

Alongside travel insurance, Presence also operates traditional insurance business (about 15%), expanding due to increased demand for financial guarantees and professional civil liability (RC Pro).

It is increasingly complicated for travel agencies to obtain an RC Pro !emphasizes Boris Reibenberg.

Even if we have privileged relations with specialized players, overall many have withdrawn from the market, others wish to sell only directly to customers, and still others ask for guarantees and prices that are unsellable or unbearable… It’s complicated for professionals “.

Presence has therefore signed major agreements with certain liability insurance companies and is moving portfolios to insurers with less prohibitive rates.

As for tourism financial guarantees, “ we help operators who have solid and realistic projects, and well-crafted files.

For example, the two new cruise line projects, Exploris and CFCs passed through us “says Boris Reibenberg.

The Group works very closely with Groupamabut no longer with Atradius given that the guarantor has not accepted new clients for two years. On the contrary, it continues to gradually separate from certain travel operators.

From there to imagine a withdrawal from the French market?The decline is gradual, they do not seek to develop… simply emphasizes Arnaud Visbecq.

Unfortunately the Tourism Code poses an unlimited guarantee of the funds deposited, but in reality, it is a real license to kill that we give, because a new company can make 3M€ in tickets and leave with the cash, no one can stop it… “, observes Boris Reibenberg in the face of the decline of financial guarantors in tourism since 2015.




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