“It is people in search of stability that we are going to harm” – Liberation


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For Nathalie Hanet, president of the association Solidarités nouvelles face au unemployment, which accompanies jobless people in their journey, the fight against unemployment must first go through an investment in terms of qualification and training of job seekers. use.

Last June, Nathalie Hanet took over for three years the presidency of the association Solidarités nouvelles face au unemployment (SNC), which accompanies jobless people in their journey. Former director of local authorities and partnerships at Pôle emploi, passed by several ministerial cabinets under François Hollande (where she notably participated in the deployment of jobs for the future) and Emmanuel Macron, she reacts to the latest unemployment insurance reform project carried by the executive.

The National Assembly has adopted the principle of a modulation of unemployment benefits according to the economic situation, according to this principle enacted by Emmanuel Macron: “When it’s going well, we harden, when it’s bad, we soften.” What do you think ?

I’m very curious about this device. First, it presupposes that the unemployed, who are only 40% to be compensated, choose to be unemployed by economic interest. However, this seems to me to be the situation of a tiny part of them. The approximately 4,000 people that SNC supports each year all suffer from being out of work, isolation, and the impact of unemployment on health, as explained in a report published in 2019. was enough to reduce the in…


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