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It’s official: Microsoft will discontinue Internet Explorer on June 15, 2022

Like you, we had completely forgotten its existence. And yet, god knows how much we used it before Firefox, Chrome, Safari or even Edge broke into our daily lives. It must be said that in 2004 its various versions totaled up to 95% market share! He is Internet Explorer, the flagship Internet browser in Windows 95, released 22 years ago. A browser that was still supported by Microsoft, but will drop out on June 15, 2022. In fact, the company is stopping support for the software and will no longer provide it with any updates, not even security updates.

The announcement was made a little over a year ago, we had repeated it. The latest IE aficionados (are there really any left?) will therefore have had time to say goodbye to their favorite browser and embark on a new program to set sail to conquer the Internet. Note, Windows 11 is not affected as Internet Explorer is simply not offered there. In fact, Microsoft has logically chosen to only offer Edge, its modern browser based on Chromium, on this operating system. It is enabled as the default browser, which has the effect of increasing its popularity – even though Microsoft has already been hammered very hard for once giving Internet Explorer the advantage in this way. .

Good news for those using software or extensions that are only compatible with IE: Edge offers an Internet Explorer mode that will be supported at least until 2029. An emulation to ensure backward compatibility with computer systems from another age that are sometimes still used in business.

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