Jeff Bezos (Amazon) is no longer in the top 3 richest men

He is no longer in the top 3 but he is still doing more than well. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, has been overtaken by Gautam Adani. The fortune of the first has fallen by 50.6 billion dollars since the beginning of the year while that of the Indian businessman has made a jump of 67.7 billion dollars.

Elon Musk still number one

However, the Indian billionaire has not (yet) exceeded Elon Musk (Tesla). Their fortunes are established, respectively, at 144 and more than 260 billion dollars. Jeff Bezos has an estimated fortune of $142 billion. But who is Gautam Adani? This is the co-founder of the Indian conglomerate Adani which, last June, concluded an agreement with the French group Totalnergies in order to create a giant player in the production of green hydrogen. Jeff Bezos could regain his number two spot fairly quickly. According to CreditSights (Fitch Group), Adani is deeply over-indebted. At worst, overambitious debt-financed growth plans could end up turning into a colossal debt trap, and eventually ending in distress or default. On the side of the French billionaires present in the Bloomberg ranking, we find Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH.

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