Judicial liquidation of an Amazon carrier employing more than 600 people

The judicial liquidation of an Amazon logistics subcontractor employing more than 600 people in France was pronounced on September 5, we learned Thursday from staff representatives who denounce various “criminal offensesfrom the manager.

The CSE (Social and Economic Committee) of Fast Despatch Logistics “makes the bitter observation today that the company’s accounts are at zero on the date of the opening of the compulsory liquidation, even though the British group FDL continues its flourishing activity in the United Kingdom and in other European countries“. In France, this subsidiary of the British group employs 649 people in particular, notes the Labor Inspectorate, through nine sites scattered throughout the territory. This parcel delivery company has a single client, the American e-commerce giant.

“Commit criminal proceedings”

While the social climate within FDL had hardened this winter due to early rumors of asset transfers, this decision was prompted by the non-payment of July wages and the company’s announcement on August 9 that she ceased all activity. In the process, a few dozen employees protested on August 17 in front of the Amazon warehouse in Noisy-le-Grand. According to Amazon, quoted in a local press article indexed to the judgment by the Commercial Court of Bobigny, the group has “terminated” to his contract with FDL, without further details, after recalling that the delivery companies he uses “must follow the Amazon Supplier Code of Conduct“.

In its press release, however, the CSE protests against the practices of the company and its manager, who was not present at the hearing. The CSE “has proof of the removal of the trucks by the company as of August 13, and their repatriation to the Belgian subsidiary, which constitutes a misappropriation of the few assets of the French subsidiary“. As a result, he announces asking “the public authorities to initiate the necessary criminal proceedings to punish these characterized criminal offenses by the company FDL“.

According to the lawyer of the CSE, present at the hearing of September 5 which was not put under advisement, the president of the court qualified “overwhelmingthe behavior of the manager, while the prosecution indicated that he “was considering initiating legal proceedings for embezzlement“.


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