Jumanji theme park to open in UK in Spring 2023 –

Chessington World of Adventures theme park in the UK is expanding in spring 2023 with a brand new dedicated region designed to look like Jumanji, Sony’s jungle adventure IP.

As MyLondon reported, we’re told it’s the theme park’s biggest investment to date, costing £17 million to build in its entirety.

Whatever the area will be called, it will simply be known as Jumanji World and will be the first Jumanji-themed land in the entire world. The grounds are said to feature a 55-foot-tall Jaguar shrine as well as a collection of attractions and decorations to make visitors feel lost in the iconic world created in the Robin-directed film. Williams in 1995.

The exact opening date for World of Jumanji has not been revealed, but we are told that it will be in the spring of 2023.

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