Kate Middleton: The amount spent on her wardrobe shocks Britain!

A true fashion star, Kate Middleton spends lavishly on clothing. But has she gone too far for her fashion budget in 2022?

This year, Kate Middleton exploded her wardrobe budget. The Princess of Wales saw very widely. And this handsome sum could make you shudder… MCETV tells you everything from A to Z.

The fashionista everyone loves to copy

Are you one of those people who have always been captivated by Kate Middleton’s looks? Prince William’s wife is a true fashion icon a chic of her own to dress up.

Never blamed for a fashion faux pasthe beautiful brunette regularly creates the event as soon as she appears somewhere.

Aware that her appearance will be scrutinized and commented on by everyone, the mother of George, Charlotte and Louis is very careful to take care of her as much as possible.

She is also aware that she must lead by example. Therefore, last November Kate Middleton had once again managed to set the entire fashion press in an uproar thanks to a Mango dress chosen to visit a children’s center in London.

A piece at a low price that all fashionistas could hope to afford. The young woman had also made everyone agree during his last trip to Wales where she had gone a subtle homage to Lady Di.

The new Princess of Wales then chose a red “Spencer” coat which is none other than the maiden name of the late mother of Princes William and Harry.

So we see, Kate Middleton masters her dress communication to perfection. But to always be dressed to the nines, you need a budget.

And that of the wife of the future king of England has exploded, so to speak, in 2022. To secure her dressing room, the young woman is, according to the Daily Mail spent no less than £177,000. It is the sum of 199,000 euros.

Kate Middleton’s clothing budget at the heart of a controversy?

A pretty hefty sum that will probably make the British cringe. This budget for Kate Middleton’s wardrobe is the biggest since she joined the royal family.

As the Daily Mail reports, it is King Charles III, who wanted to cover the cost of his daughter-in-law’s wardrobe for so-called “professional” obligations.

In 12 months, we saw the ex-Duchess wearing a long blue crepe Catherine Walker coat estimated at €3,400. But also a sequined dress from The Vampire’s Wife for 1,650 euros.

Or Alexander McQueen trousers for 667 euros. If the princess has a taste for dressing, she obviously also has the means.

But as we have already said, Kate Middleton also likes to keep it simple. And it is not uncommon to see it regularly cracked for parts from Zara, H&M or Mango.

A style that is both classic and accessible, delighting Brits and fashionistas from around the globe who can copy its style without breaking the bank. Kudos to her!

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