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Kyndryl + Microsoft or how to move from mainframe to cloud

The partners will create data channels between large customer systems Kyndryl – the IBM spin-off –, Azure Cloud and Microsoft Power Platform.

The strategic partnership brokered last year between Microsoft and Kyndryl, the company spun off from IBM’s managed infrastructure services, is taking shape.

The two companies announced on Thursday, October 6, a joint initiative to facilitate the migration of mainframe data to the cloud.

The agreement includes the creation of data channels between large systems or central computers (mainframes) used by Kyndryl customers and Microsoft’s cloud.

The mainframe systems and software in question are IBM’s iSeries and zSeries series, as well as zCloud, the infrastructure as a service managed by Kyndryl for IBM Z, all of which are technical platforms that ESN clients rely on.

What about in practice?

Data intelligence and low code

Kyndryl will provide consulting and integration services to more easily connect customers’ mainframe data to the Redmond, Washington company’s Azure Cloud and Edge environments.

“Together with Microsoft, we’re helping our customers make it easier to access valuable mainframe data and leverage new automation and insight opportunities in their IT environment,” said Petra Goude, Core Enterprise and zCloud Global Practice Leader at Kyndryl.

In this context, mainframe data will be connected to other internal and external data sources available in cloud mode. This involves supporting the creation and analysis of data streams and applications by business users. To do this, Microsoft Power Platform’s “low code” application package will be used.

What about other cloud hyperscalers?

Kyndryl is not yet saying whether a similar initiative will be taken with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud. Other hyperscalers with which the US Digital Services Group (ESN) has also entered into strategic alliances.

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