La Redoute chooses Microsoft for its international commercial platform

La Redoute uses Microsoft’s Azure Cloud to build a modular, urbanized and open commercial platform. La Redoute has defined a data-driven transformation roadmap for its international business platform as part of its strategic plan “The Great R” (2022-2026).

Gain flexibility and consistency

Our technology roadmap is ambitious says Philippe Berlan, general manager of La Redoute. ” If we have already made great progress on omni-channel in recent years, we must always be on the move to ultimately offer the best shopping experience to our customers. he continues. To him, the deal with Microsoft was, “ is a true partnership that we enter into and which will allow us to achieve agility, consistency and efficiency he announces.

The development concerns La Redoute’s website, mobile site and app. The business wants to make these applications more agile, more responsive and more scalable. La Redoute wants to have the ability to adapt to the various load peaks linked to major commercial events such as sales, French days or Black Friday.

The technology should also help bring offerings to market faster, onboard new partners such as Stripe or Mirakl more easily, and test new business models faster and then transition to scalable operations with agility.

Improving the omni-channel experience for La Redoute customers

It also involves improving La Redoute’s omni-channel experience, whether in-store or online, regardless of which contact channel customers choose, while strengthening the increasingly personal connections with them. .

La Redoute also aims to accelerate its international sales and wants to adopt a unified operating model for all the countries in which it operates. La Redoute wants to offer each subsidiary the same options, the same offers and the same Microsoft Azure services. La Redoute also wants to give them increased capacity for experimentation and innovation.

To develop a personalized experience for its customers, La Redoute, with Azure, will use data on all channels. The business emphasizes that he carefully respects the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In terms of security, La Redoute chose the “Microsoft Sentinel” solution to secure all its data and its information system.

10 million active customers at La Redoute

La Redoute is a distance selling brand within ready-to-wear and interior design. La advertises an average of 12 million unique visitors per month. The Internet represents more than 90% of the brand’s French revenue, which is also present on smartphones, social networks, as well as in 12 directly owned stores and 50 corners of Galeries Lafayette stores. La Redoute claims 10 million active customers worldwide. La Redoute is present in 20 countries. La Redoute is a company in the Galeries Lafayette group.

At the same time, La Redoute acquired a new warehouse. Last October, La Redoute inaugurated the H103. This new warehouse aims to support the growth of La Redoute’s interior design market through its 2 brands, La Redoute Interiors and AMPM. It supplements the current logistics system. La Redoute’s logistics are organized around, on the one hand, Quai 30, the warehouse dedicated to ready-to-wear and small items, located in Wattrelos, and on the other, the Anzin warehouse. , near Valenciennes, dedicated to i.a. called “full” products, i.e. over 30 kg.

La Redoute’s new H103 warehouse was inaugurated in October

The new warehouse is a new building located in the urban community of Cambrai. It will eventually have an area of ​​110,000 m2, a height of 12.5 meters, without floors. It represents 15 football pitches. The site is operated by the logistics specialist GXO. Thanks to this new warehouse, La Redoute will exclusively manage “small bulky” home furnishing products, that is, weighing less than 30 kg, such as carpets, small furniture or technical products… There will be 10,000 references that will be stored there and 4.4 million items will be shipped each year. This new logistics tool will guarantee customers delivery within 24 hours to a relay point thanks to a late cut-off at This new site will generate the creation of 250 positions by 2025. The first recruitments have been made, 70 to date and 110 by the end of the year.

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