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LBP IARD direct debit: what is this debit on your bank statement?

If, while browsing your bank statement, you notice a debit entitled “LBP IARD direct debit” without finding an explanation, it is possible that you have given a direct debit agreement in favor of La Banque Postale. The latter offers non-life insurance products that you may have taken out. However, if a mandate has not been signed, stop this suspicious movement on your account. In this guide, we share the steps you need to follow.

Why is the LBP IARD charge on your bank statement?

LBP IARD direct debit usually corresponds to the payment of a monthly contribution linked to IARD insurance from La Banque Postale, with which you have probably entered into a contract. It can be one car, health, home or family insurance.

If you believe that you have not taken out any insurance contract, we recommend that you contact your banker for further information about this suspicious debit.

The following cases may justify an unexpected debit of an unexplained amount from your bank account:

  • The signature without your information from your spouse of a family insurance with La Banque Postale.
  • The contract for an IARD guarantee (fire, accidents and various risks) from La Banque Postale for your vehicle or your home, but you don’t remember it.
  • Fraudulent use of your RIB by a third party to purchase insurance products from LBP.


When you sign an insurance contract, you must certify a Sepa direct debit mandate for LBP IARD to authorize the insurance company to deduct the amount of your premium from your account. At the same time, you provide your bank details and the desired frequency of your payments (monthly or annually).

Therefore, if you have not signed a direct debit authorization in accordance with the amount shown on your bank statement, you must contact your manager to object to this suspicious charge.

Marks on your bank statement

This SEPA direct debit takes place every month and can appear under several names on your bank statement:

  • Prlv La Banque Postale

Who is La Banque Postale?

La Banque Postale is a public financial company founded in 2006. This French bank has completely taken over the financial services of the La Poste group, of which it is a subsidiary. Thus, the post offices present throughout the territory constitute the distribution network. The postal organization’s agents also act in the name and on behalf of LBP.

La Banque Postale focuses on three main activities:

  • Marketing of banking products and services to individuals, professionals, companies, economic, public and social actors.
  • Sales of insurance, especially life insurance through CNP Assurances, as well as life insurance, casualty and health through La Banque Postale subsidiaries.
  • And wealth management through subsidiaries that offer savings and investment products to individuals and businesses to protect people, their families and their property.

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Insurance is offered by LBP IARD

La Banque Postale offers a multitude of solutions to protect its policyholders:

  • Car and two-wheeler insurance
  • Housing insurance: housing, housing for young people
  • health insurance
  • family insurance
  • Life accident insurance (coverage of accidents at home)
  • Death insurance and funeral solutions
  • Health insurance (coverage of the human, material and financial consequences of an illness: cancer, for example)
  • Legal protection insurance (advice on rights in the event of a dispute regarding housing, employment, family, etc.)
  • Insurance for mobile or fixed devices
  • Warranty extension
  • means of payment insurance

How to stop LBP IARD direct debit?

If the recurring debits on your account do not find credible explanations (see possible reasons above): without your subscription for LBP IARD insurance and without having given permission from authorization for direct debit, and the debit from your account still takes place, you must act. There are 2 ways to stop these movements:

Revoke SEPA Direct Debit Postbank

You can contact your bank to get it revocation of your SEPA mandate for La Banque Postale to put an end to the abuse of direct debits. To do this, you must send your request for revocation by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.

You can also proceed remotely by going to the La Banque Postale website in the contact/complaints section. Don’t forget to include the reason for your objection and your customer references in your message.


Take out your La Banque Postale insurance

If you are actually a member of one or more health insurances LBP P&Cconstitute the termination of your insurance contract the only option to stop this charge.

La Banque Postale insurance contracts are taken out for a period of 12 months and are automatically renewed upon expiry. Each year, on the anniversary of your agreement, you have the right to request that your policy not be renewed.

You must inform LBP of your decision by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt pursuant to a at least one month’s notice before the due date. Conversely, the bank is obliged to send you a due notice. You can send your cancellation letter within 20 days of the date of receipt of this warning. The insurance contract will then terminate on the expiry date and will not be renewed.

You can also cancel your agreement online or over the phone. See useful contact information below.

How to contact La Banque Postale?

You can contact LBP IARD to cancel your insurance contract:

By registering with your adviser via e-mail by logging into your customer area. Go to the “Contacts” section to write your message.

By phone on the number 3639 (service €0.15/min + price for a call) or on 09 69 39 99 98 (price for a local call)

By going directly to the complaint page:

By mail to the following address:

La Banque Postale — Service SRP — TSA 10400 69945 LYON CEDEX 20

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