LEGO: 3 special Harry Potter flash offers must be seized from Amazon as soon as possible

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Amazon is offering you 3 special Harry Potter flash deals on its marketplace. Save money and offer fans of building games and the Harry Potter universe complete and magical LEGO sets. The LEGO Harry Potter Ministry of Magic game is a toy that includes 12 minifigures and a transformation function: it costs 71.99 euros instead of 99.99 euros at Amazon. This box allows you to recreate the Ministry of Magic and modulate it according to your wishes and your creativity. Place your 12 figures inside the decor, and among them you will find Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley. Accessories such as the red telephone box, Umbridge’s Patronus cat and 2 detonators are also available.

After the Ministry of Magic, build Hogwarts Castle! The LEGO Harry Potter and Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets game costs 99.90 euros instead of 149.99 euros at Amazon. It includes the Wizards’ Castle consisting of the Great Hall, a dormitory and the Chamber of Secrets. Basilisk Serpent plus minifigures such as Ginny Weasley and Tom Riddle are included in the set. Finally complete your Harry Potter universe with Hogwarts Courtyard in a LEGO set that includes a Hippogriff, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Sirius Black. This tower allows you to play the Sirius rescue scene in volume 3 of the book and the third movie of the saga. The LEGO Harry Potter game, Court of Hogwarts, is shown at a price of 38.84 euros instead of 49.99 euros on Amazon.

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