LEGO Technic: this large complex BMW set loses nearly 80€ on Amazon

News good plan LEGO Technic: this large complex BMW set loses nearly 80€ on Amazon

The LEGO Technic range offers a real building challenge. And once the assembly is complete, you get very nice collector’s items, like the replica of the BMW M 1000 RR. You can reproduce this motorcycle almost identically on a 1:5 scale. Usually sold at €249, this set loses nearly €80 at Amazon!

The LEGO TECHNIC BMW M 1000 RR (42130) set sees its price drop at Amazon!

Far from offering simple toys, LEGOespecially with its range LEGO-Technicrealizes real collectibles. This is particularly the case of the BMW M 1000 RR which imposes itself by its many details as well as the quality of its finishes.

But inevitably this represents a certain cost… The LEGO set is initially offered at 249€. Fortunately, Amazon breaks its price and makes it much more affordable! You can get this set for 170€.

Buy the LEGO BMW M 1000 RR set for €170 at Amazon

A LEGO set designed for motorcycle enthusiasts

This set is particularly aimed at motorcycle enthusiasts. It is the result of a direct collaboration between BMW and LEGO Technic.

The miniature faithfully reproduces the iconic BMW M 1000 RR at the1:5 scale. When fully assembled, the racing car measures 45cm long, 17cm wide and 27cm high, making it currently the biggest LEGO Technic motorcycle set.

But before you get there, you’ll enjoy long hours of editing. This set challenges you with its 1920 pieces. You will be able to explore the inside of the beast and assemble it step by step, while discovering the different parts that make it up.

We also find the color palette specific to the bike: red, white and blue as well as the BMW logo.

The motorcycle has many authentic features such as a 3-speed gearbox, front and rear suspension, chain transmission as well as the 4-cylinder engine.

Once the assembly is complete, you can display the motorcycle on its base. This one is accompanied by a display, which guarantees a collector effect!

This LEGO will delight all motorcycle fans and lovers of complex challenges. It is designed for adults and embodies a very beautiful collector’s item.

Buy the LEGO BMW M 1000 RR set for €170 at Amazon

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