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Liz Truss vows to ‘move Britain forward out of the storm’

Weakened after just a month in power, British Prime Minister Liz Truss sought to regain control on Wednesday, October 5, on the final day of a chaotic Conservative party congress in Birmingham, undermined by internal disagreements over the policies to pursue to get the United . Kingdom out of crisis. “In these difficult times we must act. I am determined to move Britain forward to get us out of the storm”launched the head of government, in a speech without announcement of a little more than half an hour in front of his party’s elected officials and activists.

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With the desire to renew a conservative power at the head of the country for twelve years, the Prime Minister said she wanted “end the cycle of low growth” and repeated his goal of making “to grow the UK economy”. “The status quo is not an option”, she insisted. In an attempt to silence those who even within her ranks accuse her of already being out of the game – barely a month after coming to power – she again insisted on her priorities: to lower taxes, improve health and fight illegal immigration.

Interruption from Greenpeace

Two Greenpeace activists briefly interrupted his speech, holding up a banner and asking: “Who voted for this?” On Twitter, the environmental NGO explained that it wanted “reveal the “cutting down” of the party’s promises [conservateur] in 2019 » : “The Prime Minister freaks out about fracking, strong climate action and leading environmental protection. Who voted for this? »

Faced with the energy crisis, Truss promised to accelerate the exploitation of oil and gas in the North Sea. His government has already lifted the moratorium on hydraulic fracturing, a polluting technique for extracting hydrocarbons from shale.

The Prime Minister also once again defended her budget approach “responsible”while his “mini-budget”, introduced on September 23 to tackle the cost of living crisis, received a barrage of criticism for its debt-financed tax cuts and sent the pound plummeting. Under pressure from its own majority, the government waived Monday to remove the highest tax bracketa measure that crystallized opposition because it benefited the wealthiest taxpayers.

Disagreement among conservatives

This volte face, worn by the Minister of Finance, Kwasi Kwarteng, weakened the Prime Minister who assured that“there [avait] no shame for a leader to listen”. Will his speech to Congress be enough to assert his authority as Interior Secretary Suella Braverman on Tuesday accused conservatives of openly criticizing Truss to launch a coup against her?

The stakes are high at a time when former transport minister Grant Shapps, who had supported former finance minister Rishi Sunak against Truss in the race for Downing Street, spoke on Tuesday about the danger of a vote of no confidence by Conservative parliamentarians. “I don’t think Conservative MPs, if they see the polls going on like this, will sit idly by.”he warned.

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Mme Truss used this speech to re-assure Ukraine of his “solidarity” against Russia. “The illegal annexation of Ukrainian territory by [Vladimir] Putin is just the latest act in his campaign to overthrow democracy and violate international lawstormed the Prime Minister. We must not give in to those who want a deal that sacrifices Ukrainian land. They propose to pay Ukrainian lives for the illusion of peace. We will stand by our Ukrainian friends as long as necessary. »

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