Loire. Health insurance: watch out for fraudulent emails

“After the final calculations, we are announcing that you are eligible to receive a refund in the amount of €490 on the card registered in your customer area. The card registered in your customer space has not yet been credited for the following reason: the postal code registered in your space does not correspond to that associated with your bank account. »

This type of mail, which appears in the name of your health insurance, infests, in recent days, the mailboxes of social security but not only. Our editorial staff was also the recipient of this malicious message which invites you to “update your postal details by filling out a form” in order to extract some personal data, identifiers or passwords from you.

The Primary Health Insurance Fund warns its social policyholders on its Amelie.fr site against these malicious emails.

The Health Insurance never asks for the communication of personal elements by e-mail

“L’Assurance Maladie never asks for the communication of personal elements (medical information, social security number or bank details) by e-mail outside the secure space of the ameli account. All messages of this type outside the space of the ameli account are attempts at “phishing”, phishing in French. »

She also recalls that Health Insurance “never writes in red in these emails, that it never asks for reimbursement validation, that it does not use a file reference in the messages it sends”. Vigilance and caution if you don’t want to be trapped.

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