London increases payments to France to slow Channel passage

By 2022, more than 40,000 people crossed the Channel to England. A record. Immigration is gaining more and more space in the political debate in Great Britain. Suella Braverman, the British Home Secretary went to Paris on Monday 14 November to reach an agreement with her counterpart, Gérald Darmanin. London hopes to curb the crossings and “ smuggling trade “.

With our correspondent in London, Emeline wine

Thanks to this new deal, the UK will pay more than €70 million this year to France, ten more than in 2021. Suella Braverman, the Home Secretary, describes what the payment will be used for: “ There will be British officers on French soil who will work on the ground alongside their French counterparts to detect and intercept illegal migrants (sic) who are trying to leave France. There will be a 40% increase in the number of French gendarmes patrolling French beaches. And we will cooperate even better on intelligence. »

No quick fix

How many crossings will this agreement prevent? The government refuses to give figures, admits that there is no miracle solution. Especially since downstream, the reception system for asylum seekers is saturated.

For its part, the Customs Workers’ Association does not expect a significant decrease in illegal arrivals.

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