London: Protesters call for Britain to rejoin the EU

Many protesters gathered in London on Saturday 22 October to demand Britain’s return to the EU.

Will the British soon be Europeans again? That’s what anti-Brexit protesters who marched through the streets of London this Saturday, October 22, want.

“Brexit wouldn’t work”, “I’m European and I’m proud” or even “For lower bills, join the EU”, that’s what we could read on the blue and yellow signs held up under this gathering.

There were thousands to demonstrate. Some of them traveled for hours to be present, according to the English media The Guardian.

“We are better off within the EU”

For these protesters, all the current crises affecting the United Kingdom are due to its exit from the EU.

The British can no longer cope with the inflation affecting the kingdom, which in particular is pushing the recent new Prime Minister Liz Truss to step down on October 20.

“Leaving was a big mistake. It has already cost Britain dearly. And unless we go back, it will continue to be the case. We are better off within the EU,” Joshua Allotey, one of the protesters, told the Guardian.

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Oliver Jackson, a worker who was also present at the demonstration, agrees: “We need to make our voices heard. And especially during all this chaos, we can’t let it go. Honestly, the best way to get Britain back on track is to join the EU.”

The United Kingdom should know its new prime minister by October 28.

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