London welcomes Russia’s ‘new strategic failure’ in Ukraine

For the British defense minister, Ben Wallace, this defeat must sow doubt in the Russian public.

The Russian withdrawal from the Ukrainian city of Kherson marks “another strategic failurefrom Moscow, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace rejoiced on Saturday, saying this defeat would sow doubt in the Russian public.

Russia’s announced withdrawal from Kherson marks another strategic failure for them. By February, Russia had failed to seize the major objectives it had set, apart from Kherson‚ÄúReplied Mr. Wallace in a press release.

Now that (this city) is also abandoned, the people of Russia must ask themselves: ‘What is all this for?’“, he added.

On Saturday, the United States also hailed what appears to be an “extraordinary victory” for Ukraine after the forced withdrawal of the Russian army and the recapture of the southern city of the country.

With Russia now withdrawing its troops to defensive positions, Wallace said that the Russian invasion in February “resulted only in international isolation and humiliation“. “Britain and the international community will continue to support (the Ukrainians) and while the withdrawal is welcome, no one will underestimate the threat from Russia“, he said.

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