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Enjoy a projector at a very low price. Amazon lowers the price of the PVO Mini Projector. For less than 70 euros, you can take a small projector with you everywhere to improvise movie or series nights.

Mini video projectors allow you to project your movies, series or presentations in any room with a projector that is easy to transport and even for a child to use. Here’s a very interesting deal on a PVO mini projector, normally offered at 99.99 euros, it goes to 69.99 euros on Amazon with a 30% discount.

Equipped with complete connectivity and optics that allow the image to be enlarged to a very large size, it is easy to transport thanks to its very small dimensions. Take advantage of this offer and offer an ideal gift to your children, who have the advantage of projecting their series and cartoons on a large screen rather than on a smartphone or tablet screen.

Enjoy a projector at a low price!

The PVO mini projector is a projector with very small dimensions: only 5.4 cm thick for a format that can be taken anywhere without messing up your luggage. The projector relies exclusively on offline media. It doesn’t have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but allows you to connect USB storage devices, memory cards or any device with an HDMI port. The display of Full HD content is supported in a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels. The PVO projector can be powered by a smartphone charger or by an external battery, for example for outdoor use.

Take advantage of the Amazon offer on the PVO video projector

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