Meghan Markle threatened in Britain: the crazy revelations of the former head of counter-terrorism

On November 29, 2022, the former counter-terrorism chief made terrifying revelations about Meghan Markle and how she was at risk while living in the UK. This one, the threats were “disgusting”.

Was Meghan Markle in danger while living in the UK? For the country’s former counter-terrorism chief, Neil Basu, there is no doubt. In an interview published on Tuesday, November 29, 2022, he expressed worrying confidence about the safety of Prince Harry’s wife. “You were responsible for the royal protection. How would you rate the threats Meghan and Harry received?“, reporter Cathy Newman asked him in an excerpt shared on Twitter.”Well disgusting and very real“, replied Neil Basu who qualified the far-right terrorism of “rapidly growing threat“for the country.

But there have been plenty of serious and credible threats against Meghan, right? From the far right?“, insisted the reporter.”Absolutely, and if you had seen the things that were written and received them… the kind of rhetoric that is online if you don’t know what i know you would feel threatened all the time“, he replied. More specifically, the journalist simply asked him if the Duchess of Sussex could fear for her life. from the Met came up with a shocking answer.

Meghan Markle was simply in mortal danger

Absolutely. We had teams investigating. People have been prosecuted for these threats“, he said. If he mentions the threats that could weigh on her when she married the granddaughter of Elizabeth II, they persisted. Indeed, a Taliban fighter, Qari Nasrullah, has told the Mirror columns that the Duke of Sussex had already been targeted”Often“of terrorists. And to add about his intervention in Afghanistan: “There were many plans to capture him – perhaps it was his luck that he managed to escape“When he was in the military, Prince Harry had actually been in Afghanistan.

To this day, police and former security chiefs fear that the couple are constantly at risk of being targeted by terrorist groups, political fanatics and other lone lunatics. Dai Davies, who served as head of Royal Protection from 1994 to 1998, is among those who fear both the Crown and civil servants are failing to adequately address the risks. “We must learn from history and act accordingly. Anyone responsible for security has to imagine the impossible again and again, and I’m afraid that the experts currently in charge are not doing that enough..” Statements that are not at all reassuring about the lovers’ future.

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