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members of the Conservative Party anger

Anaïs Cordoba (in London), edited by Ophélie Artaud

After only 44 days at the head of the British government, Liz Truss announced her resignation on Thursday. A situation that angers members of the Conservative Party, who believe that the passage of Liz Truss has “caused extraordinary damage to [notre] Not to mention the economic crisis currently affecting the country.

It is the shortest term in British history in the UK. Liz Truss’s resignation, just 44 days after her arrival at 10 Downing Street, grabbed the headlines on Friday morning. It is enough to read the headlines to understand what awaits the country. “Liz Truss calls for new election” headlines Guardian“Boris Johnson prepares his return to power”, it writes Times, and he especially wants to meet Rishi Sunak, his former minister. But whoever succeeds Liz Truss will have a lot to do to fix the country, which is suffering from a terrible economic crisis, and to win back the trust of angry Britons.

“Nameless Chaos and Shame”

The turmoil began on September 23 with the announcement of the mini-budget, which created panic in the financial markets. But everything was rushed on Wednesday, after an honorable performance in the House of Commons, where she promises to continue to fight. Thunderbolt for Liz Truss: her Home Secretary resigns, accusing her of failing to deliver on her campaign promises. A few hours later, a vote in parliament gave rise to scenes of fighting between elected conservatives. Liz Truss’ authority is in ruins. His deputies complete.

“As a Conservative MP for 17 years, what I see is untold chaos and disgrace. To the elected officials who supported Liz Truss, I hope it was worth sitting at the government table because they have caused extraordinary damage to our party,” he said. After that streak on Wednesday night, calls for Liz Truss to step down grew within her own camp, eventually leading to her exit. His departure nevertheless seemed inevitable for several weeks, after a 360-degree reversal of his economic strategy, which saw him lose all credibility and authority over the Conservative Party.



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