MEPs call for Brexit sanctions mechanism –

MEPs called on the European Commission to introduce specific procedures allowing it I’The EU takes retaliatory measures, including sanctions, against of the United Kingdom if the latter refuses ofapply the terms of I’Brexit deal.

During ofa joint meeting between the Parliamentary Committee for Trade, Foreign Affairs and Constitutional Affairs Wednesday 31 August, deputies debated a draft regulation aimed at enforcing the rights to I’EU under I’cancellation agreement and I’trade and cooperation agreement, which now regulates trade between I’EU and Great Britain.

whosethere is a breach of the agreed commercial terms, with this settlement the Commission will have the power ofimpose trade restrictions, I’investment or ofother activities that fall under I’cancellation agreement and I’trade and cooperation agreement»said Sean Kelly, the Irish EPP lawmaker who is steering the bill through parliament.

Sir. Kelly added that his proposal would allow whoseto insure tohe does not’There will not be a repeat of the European Commission’s short-term decision in February 2021 to suspend the protocol due to concerns about I’delivery of Covid-19 vaccines, and would provide MEPs with an overview of suspension and sanction mechanisms.

Negotiations between MEPs and ministers on the settlement should whoseExit from here the end of I’year.

Meanwhile Nathalie Loiseau, former French Minister of I’EU and chairman of I’EU-UK Partnership Parliamentary Assembly, MPs said does not’would not have approved and ratified if we subsequently had doubts about its correct implementation.»

For his part, David MacAllister, chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, noted that the British government whoseis on its way again I’unilateral action, [donc] That is clear I’The European Union needs mechanisms to protect our interests».

Relations between London and Brussels have been very strained during the Brexit process, particularly over the implementation of the Protocol on I’Northern Ireland, designed to avoid a fixed border on I’island ofIreland by introducing a system of customs control of goods crossing the sea ofIreland.

After negotiating and approving the protocol, Boris Johnson’s government I’ruled unenforceable after strong criticism from the pro-British unionist community ofNorthern Ireland, which complains that customs controls are separated I’Northern Ireland from the UK domestic market.

British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who introduced a bill to unilaterally override the provisions of the protocol, will continue its passage through the British Parliament whenhe returns from holiday next week, is the big favorite to succeed Boris Johnson as prime minister when the results are in ofa vote by members of the Conservative Party will be announced next Monday.

Those responsible for Mrs Truss indicated that I’one of his first acts as prime minister may be to suspend the protocol.

Kelly said the lack ofThe UK Government’s commitment to the Protocol ofNorthern Ireland was bitterly disappointing».

The sad reality is that the UK government does not whoseare not engaged in serious negotiations on the protocol ofNorthern Ireland since February»said Sir. Kelly.

Trade with the UK is particularly important for I’economy of I’EU and I’Ireland, so it goes without saying that I’d much rather see the mechanisms ofcommercial use is not necessary. However, with the bill on protocol of I’Northern Ireland has shown its will to the British government ofviolate international law, so it is necessary to whoseensure, that I’The EU can protect itself in the event of ofcrime»concluded Sir. Kelly.

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