Metaverse – Microsoft and Meta sign an unexpected partnership

At the Meta Connect 2022 event, Meta and Microsoft announced a strategic partnership. In fact, thanks to this most surprising agreement, Microsoft will be able to integrate its most important applications (Teams, Microsoft 365, Windows 365) in Meta’s virtual reality headset.

New possibilities in virtual reality

Thanks to the partnership between Meta and Microsoft, it will be easier to interact with your colleagues or customers. From the Meta workspaces, it will be possible, for example, to participate in a Teams meeting. For real estate agents, this means, among other things, accepting clients who cannot come to your agency immediately. One can especially think of international customers who are looking for a main or secondary residence in another country.

Another example of integration between Meta and Microsoft is with Microsoft 365. When you are in virtual reality, you will be able to interact with the content of your applications. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says that integrating Microsoft 365 (but also Windows 365) into 3D spaces will really increase productivity and allow you to create, communicate and collaborate in different ways.

In a field like real estate, innovation is a critical factor in differentiating you from the competition. With Microsoft 365 in virtual reality, you not only have access to Word or Excel, but also to PowerPoint. And since the Com’Augmentée team offers you prospecting support models in PowerPoint format, imagine the possibilities for creating your flyers from a new angle…

With this unexpected association, Meta and Microsoft could revolutionize the world of virtual reality work. And what about the metaverse? To find out more, we invite you to read the article “Blockchain and real estate: Virtual land sold for millions … is the future of real estate in the metaverse?” “.

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