Microsoft 365 allows you to embed an image in Word directly from your Android smartphone

The connection between Windows and Android is about to become even more tenuous with a new feature coming to the Microsoft 365 suite. Insider members can now embed an image in Word or PowerPoint directly from their smartphone after the link between it and the PC is established. The functionality so far only concerns the web versions of the applications.

It seems that a long love affair is taking place between Windows and Android. Since the arrival of applications on the Microsoft operating system, the functionalities are connected and always give a little more control over your smartphone from your PC. Some are aimed at a relatively niche audience, such as the ability to run Android 13 on Windows 11, while others will make it much easier for a wider audience to work with.

In fact, the Redmond company has just announced a new feature coming to Microsoft 365, the new name for the Office suite. Recently, Insider members can actually embed an image into their Word or PowerPoint document saved directly on their Android smartphone. It is not necessary to transfer it to the PC, the application can access it automatically. What saves precious minutes of work.

Easily insert images from your smartphone into Word and PowerPoint

To do this, you must of course have established a link in advance between your smartphone and your PC, thanks to the application Mobile connected or directly from the Office application. If the phone is not connected, it will offer to scan a QR code displayed on the screen and then download the application Link to Windows in the Play Store. When you are done, you will then have access to your images from Word and PowerPoint.

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All you have to do is go to Insert > Image > Mobile Device then select the desired photo from your smartphone’s storage. Note that this feature is currently only available for files that are compatible with the web versions of Microsoft 365 applications. As for the final implementation, the Redmond company explains that it will be “available in a while to make sure things run smoothly. ยป

Source: Microsoft

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