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Microsoft 365 subscribers will have premium filters on Clipchamp

Microsoft took over Clipchamp about a year ago. The goal was to bring this video editor to Windows 11 and replace the old editor that was built into the Photos app. The problem? The price. And it is that this application fell under a model of subscription to a free operating system, which caused many criticisms.

In fact, Clipchamp came with three payment plans where initially we had to pay to do 1080p video exports. With a price of 9 euros per month, it was the cheapest plan, reaching 39 euros per month in its version with more features, which included a huge library of audio, video and stock images.

Towards the integration of Clipchamp in Microsoft 365

However, the reviews generated prompted Microsoft to increase the capacity of the free plan to export at 1080p. Finally, those of Redmond have decided to simplify the Clipchamp packages and keep only one paid package, with premium filters and effects, as well as a brand kit at a price of 12 euros per month.

Now, Microsoft 365 subscribers will see how the fourth line of this plan is integrated into the free subscription. This isn’t anything new, really, since Microsoft 365 users already had exclusive effects and animations in the old video editor, which is now gone from the new Photos app.

To obtain the premium filters, which are 9 of the 57 available in the library, we will have to be logged in with our Microsoft account in Clipchamp. However, in the music and effects part, we will find a large number of elements that are only accessible to paying subscribers.

Paid effects included in Clipchamp with Microsoft 365 subscription
Clipchamp payment instruments with Microsoft 365 | Via Windows Central

This is Clipchamp’s first integration within Microsoft 365, after Redmond confirmed that its goal is to bring the app closer to Windows 11 users and integrate it into its payment ecosystem in its home version.



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