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Microsoft almost gave up on the Xbox Adaptive Controller

It looks like the Xbox Adaptive Controller may never have made it to market. In fact, Microsoft would have considered cutting all funding for this product. This was revealed by Microsoft Vice President for Windows and Devices Robin Seiler in an interview with The Verge. The product only came about because Microsoft employees rebelled.

At the time, Microsoft was reviewing its budget. The company developed a list of products and/or services whose funding should be cut. According to Seiler, there was a time when the Xbox controller designed for accessibility was on the cut list “. However, the Xbox and Surface teams were against it. Their argument was that it wasn’t just about revenue or brand positioning, it was more than that. In fact, they would have argued that ” it’s important that people can play games if they want to “.


The beginning of the Xbox Adaptive Controller

Bryce Johnson invented Accessibility Controller at Microsoft. The latter comes from a hackathon within Microsoft. Several years passed and the product was improved through numerous concepts and prototypes. It’s a whole team of company employees concerned about its accessibility that decided to make the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

According to Seiler, it was more precisely Microsoft employees in manufacturing in China, design in Redmond, and the Xbox team who came together to say they wanted to make it happen. And they succeeded. According to The Verge, they even “ created something that really changed people’s lives “.

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a product that matters

According to The Verge, the Xbox Adaptive Controller is a real ” good luck to the modding community “. He is the one who would have influenced Logitech to create a series of accessories for the adaptive controller. Through that, Microsoft was able to indirectly increase the industry’s awareness of hardware accessibility efforts in games.

It is also since the launch of this product that Microsoft’s position on accessibility has changed. In fact, accessibility is a priority for both Microsoft and Surface. In an interview with The Verge, Ralf Groene, who is responsible for research and design for Windows and devices, said that by focusing on accessibility, in most cases they manage to create a better product for everyone.





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