Microsoft, Amazon and Google set foot in Kenya and ‘release’ developers

After setting out to conquer Africa, tech giants such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft have chosen Kenya to establish their headquarters in East Africa. No wonder: for several years now, the country has been considered one of the leaders in terms of new technologies on the continent. But faced with the salaries agreed by the web giants in their “hiring frenzy”local companies cannot keep up and see their best talents slip away, writes the Kenyan finance magazine Business Daily.

According to the paper, US multinationals are offering up to 1.8 million shillings a month (15,000 euros) for the most qualified developer positions. The youngest can expect 300,000 shillings (2,500 euros) in a country where almost three-quarters of employees earned less than 50,000 shillings (420 euros) a month in

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