Microsoft announces discount on NCE, but allegations remain

Microsoft is launching a 16.7% discount in the US for new Microsoft 365 SMB customers who review “new shopping experience” (NCE) and want a monthly subscription. This discount is valid until 30 June.

The affected products are Microsoft 365 (Business Basic, Business Standard, Business Premium and Apps for Business), Microsoft Teams Essentials and Microsoft Defender for Business, according to the Redmond software giant’s announcement.

However, Microsoft still hasn’t solved one of NCE’s biggest problems for partners: the lack of client portability. The 20% increase in monthly commitments penalizes customers whose activities are seasonal and who wish to change their number of licenses from month to month.

When customers purchase an annual commitment, they are not meant to simply switch managed service providers (MSPs) before the contract expires. Partners may find themselves obligated to pay the remainder of the contract if the customer goes bankrupt or needs fewer licenses.

Remember that last July Microsoft ended up abandoning its policy of forced transfer of existing subscriptions to NCE.

Next month, the Redmond giant will officially launch its Partner Capability Score, an initiative far from unanimous within the channel ecosystem.

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