Microsoft Azure and Nvidia promise to ‘build one of the world’s most powerful AI supercomputers’

Nvidia and Microsoft will join hands to shape an artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputer based on the second cloud, Azure. The two companies want to meet the growing demand for generative artificial intelligence like DALL-E.

Microsoft and Nvidia are preparing for new AI models

The supercomputer will be equipped with tens of thousands of graphics processors from Nvidia, including the latest H100 released in October, among the most powerful in the world, and its predecessor, the equally powerful A100. Nvidia will also provide one of its networking solutions and its AI Enterprise software suite. The latter will create the connection to Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure, Azure.

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This supercomputer will make it possible to accommodate generative AIs, a new model based on unsupervised machine learning algorithms to create new texts, codes, digital images, videos or audio content. Scott Guthrie, Executive Vice President of Cloud+ AI at Microsoft, said: Our collaboration with NVIDIA unlocks the world’s most scalable supercomputing platform and brings cutting-edge AI capabilities to every enterprise on Microsoft Azure “.

As part of the partnership, Nvidia will be able to take advantage of Azure’s scalable virtual machines to accelerate their progress in scalable AI. The two companies will also work to optimize Microsoft’s DeepSpeed ​​​​​​​​deep learning software.

Manuvir Das, Vice President of Enterprise Computing at Nvidia, notes that “ Technological advances in artificial intelligence as well as industry adoption are accelerating. The breakthrough in fundamental models has sparked a tidal wave of research, spurring new startups and enabling new enterprise applications “.

The release date for Azure’s cloud-based AI supercomputer has not been announced. In any case, Nvidia and Microsoft are left to continue this collaboration for some time: in its press release, the GPU manufacturer announces an agreement ” perennial “.

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