Microsoft chooses Toulouse for its tenth school of coders

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Microsoft has launched work-study training in Toulouse: job seekers learn in 18 months to develop professional applications, a growing sector.

Microsoft has chosen Toulouse to set up its tenth education. Inaugurated last week, Business Apps is gearing up to develop business applications, those meant for professionals, to manage their inventories, generate expense reports, etc.
The first training of this type was launched in France in 2020, the result of a partnership between Microsoft, the network of schools for digital professions WebForce3 and the Social Builder association, which specializes in the support and inclusion of women in digital.

From January to March 2022, sixteen students were trained at the premises of WebForce3, route de Seysses, before leaving for sixteen months on a work study program at CGI, a digital consultancy, in Toulouse, Rennes and Paris. They will come out with a professional title of Application Developer Designer.

Free training for job seekers

The course is financed by Pôle Emploi because the candidates are job seekers. “The philosophy behind this program is retraining,” recalls Céline Corno, director of philanthropy and head of Microsoft France schools. In this campaign, for example, there is an order picker and a sales manager.
At the heart of the ecosystem, Microsoft collects business needs. After that, the programs are established with teachers. Finally, Microsoft’s strength is placing work-study students with its partners, where they are paid. Toulouse had already hosted artificial intelligence training.

The positive exit rate for the first Ecole Business Apps campaign is 82%. The vast majority of holders of the professional title issued by the program therefore either find a job, create their own structure or take another training course to complete their course and their skills.

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