Microsoft Edge 108 is rolling out, what’s new? A major security flaw has been closed

If you use the Microsoft Edge browser, you’ve probably noticed that a new update has appeared, Edge 108. It’s rolling out on various operating systems. We can cite Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 7 or macOS and Linux.

The software giant offers improvements and, above all, many security fixes. One of them addresses an important issue around vulnerability” Type confusion in V8 “. Known under the reference CVE-2022-4262, it does not concern the Edge browser itself, but its Chromium engine. The latter is not a “Redmond” fix, as it is at the heart of other browsers, including the most popular, Chrome. As a result, this security flaw affects all browsers that use this engine.

Alongside this we have new Graph APIs and an updated Defender SmartScreen library. The new Graph APIs allow administrators to create, manage and publish their site lists to Internet Explorer cloud mode. Graph APIs for Cloud Site List Management are included in the update.

As mentioned, the Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Library is getting a major update. Microsoft explains that the Defender integration has been rewritten, providing more reliable protection. We also have better proxy handling and related bug fixes.

Note that Microsoft at the same time touts the benefits of its standby feature for unused tabs. This exclusive feature in Edge reduces the browser’s RAM and processor requirements, reducing its impact on PC resources. In September 2022, Microsoft Edge put 1.38 billion tabs to rest. These new numbers confirm performance gains. At this point the giant adds

Suspending tabs saves an average of 83% memory, easing the pressure on RAM without slowing down your workflow.

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