Microsoft expands the number of compatible Samsung smart TVs

After announcing the integration of Xbox Game Pass via the cloud on Samsung Smart TVs from 2022, Microsoft has just expanded the list of TVs compatible with this feature. In fact, owners of the brand’s connected TV, launched in 2021, can also access the game service without having an Xbox console.

Credit: Samsung

Along with Xbox Game Pass, Microsoft has also entered the nascent cloud gaming market with Xbox Cloud Gaming. If the experience ended in bitter failure for some like Google with Stadia, the service offered by the Redmond company is doing particularly well.

In fact, Xbox Cloud gaming surpassed 20 million users in October 2022, and that number is growing steadily. As a reminder, thanks to this service, players can access via the cloud for many games in the Xbox Game Pass catalog without you needing to have a console or a PC.

For example, you can access Xbox Cloud games on iOS, on Chromebooks or, since June 2022, directly on Samsung Smart TVs launched in 2022 via a dedicated application and the Samsung Gaming Hub. Gold, Microsoft has just announced good news on Wednesday, November 16, 2022.

Xbox Cloud games coming to Samsung Smart TV in 2021

The manufacturer has determined that expand the list of compatible devices with Xbox Cloud gaming beta. Now the Xbox app is compatible with a range of Samsung Smart TVs launched in 2021. Please note that at the time of writing, Samsung has not yet updated the official list of TVs compatible with the service on its website.

So far, only models from 2022 are shown. However, things must change soon and we will update this article accordingly. Also note that this is not the only news announced by Microsoft.

The cloud experience gets a new dimension with it the addition of vibrations on compatible Bluetooth controllers like the Xbox wireless controller or DualSense from the Playstation 5. Regarding the latter, however, don’t expect support for haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. This is not the case. Vibrations will be available in late 2022 on Samsung Smart TVs from 2021 and 2022.

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