Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, a new platform to support startups

For more than 30 years, Microsoft has worked hand in hand with startups to hatch new innovations and support them in their growth. As technologies evolve ever faster, Microsoft has made it its mission to identify the biggest difficulties that startups have encountered since their creation. The quest for fame, credibility, cost control, need validation… Regardless of these difficulties, Microsoft wants to find solutions and identify ways to reduce these frictions.

An online program available to everyone

The vast majority of support programs for start-ups limit applications by setting up access criteria: sector of activity, references, fundraising… With the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, Microsoft intends to change the situation and help young shoots at all stages, from idea to development. And this without criteria for age, income or area of ​​activity.

Another specificity of the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub: startups benefit from an online platform and 100% digital support to open up to the entire territory. As proof of this openness, Chloé Garcia and Chloé Rouillac, responsible for the development and support of startups at Microsoft France, have started a Tour de France with the aim of meeting entrepreneurs from different regions such as Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nantes, Marseille and Lyons.

Benefits of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

The game is worth the candle. Startups participating in the program benefit from several benefits:

  • Free delivery of Microsoft solutions

The cost of software, collaboration applications or cloud solutions often represents a significant financial burden for startups. That’s why Microsoft gives them free Microsoft 365, GitHub, Visual Studio and even Power Platform licenses.

Under the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program, companies can also receive up to $150,000 in Azure cloud credits. Thus, young companies can, for example, test and develop their solutions calmly at their own pace according to their needs. In addition, advice and technical support sessions are offered to support start-ups at every stage of their development.

“Relying on Azure and Microsoft technologies was a guarantee of reliability and credibility in the eyes of our customers, we would not have signed contracts with important customers without it. »


  • Mentoring from a network of experts

The mentoring program, which is available online with group employees, allows each startup to challenge their strategic challenges. Every company can benefit from ten hours of coaching per month.

  • Construction of a joint offer

Beyond the technical benefits, Microsoft also integrates startups into the heart of its value proposition. To do this, Microsoft allows them to design joint offers based on their cloud solutions with the support of its technical teams. Some accelerated companies work hand-in-hand with Microsoft’s sales and product teams.

“We have really entered into an ecosystem logic: we have a common CRM with Microsoft, we are in its marketplace, our entire solution is hosted in the Azure cloud, we benefit from co-selling and we have achieved go-to-market with Microsoft, which allowed us to meet a lot of prospects and get access to accounts that we wouldn’t have had access to otherwise. »


  • Gain visibility through the Microsoft ecosystem

Another important sticking point for startups: sales cycles that sometimes turn out to be very long. Microsoft’s partner startups can therefore trust that the Microsoft Commercial Marketplace makes their solution available to millions of customers of the information giant worldwide. Now more than ever, smaller businesses don’t have the luxury of going through a 12-18 month sales process. Finding shortcuts in a purchasing cycle can be crucial. Startups also benefit from promotion through Microsoft’s usual communication channels: social networks, press releases, webinars, etc.

“Today, 40% of our leads have been generated by Microsoft, followed very quickly by signed contracts. »


  • A real community

The Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub program also aims to facilitate meetings between startups in the community that share common problems. But also to organize exchanges with companies that are at a more advanced stage. Transfer of knowledge, mutual help and exchange of experience are at the heart of this programme.

With this new program, Microsoft combines all its resources and expertise to best respond to the challenges of startups, regardless of the maturity of their project. To apply, only one prerequisite: to have a LinkedIn account. Then simply apply online by logging in via your profile to start the adventure. Your keyboards!

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