Microsoft has offered to integrate Call of Duty into Sony’s PlayStation Plus

It’s been a year Microsoft announced acquisition of Activision Blizzard, but things have become more complicated for a few months.

sony does everything in its power to convince the various regulatory authorities that will decide on the validity of the takeover that the transaction will cause an imbalance in the market. The Japanese brand, which has nevertheless for years done everything possible to lock various licenses or obtain exclusivities aimed at slowing down Microsoft’s growth, has thus explained that it fears that Microsoft will not respect the commitments entered into with Activision prior to the announcement of the redemption.

Call of Duty in PlayStation Plus

Activision and Sony had signed a deal to bring the Call of Duty franchise to PlayStation for a few years. Microsoft had therefore initially guaranteed that the agreement would be respected and that it would go ahead. Sony showed some mistrust, so Microsoft offered a deal 10 years renewable, insufficient for Sony.

To move on, while The FTC issued a negative review and took action to block the takeover, Microsoft would have offered Sony to integrate Call of Duty into its offering Playstation Plus. Bloomberg indicates that the offer would have been made before the FTC made a decision, but it is not known if the regulator had heard of this proposal.

Things remain complex for Microsoft, which has received no response from Sony. Of course, there is very little chance that Sony will decide, if not in a negative way, since Call of Duty is just a simple pretext in a strategy which more generally aims to slow down Microsoft’s development in the video game industry.

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