Microsoft integrates Apple services into Windows 11

Microsoft announced several changes to Windows 11, with the arrival of more Apple applications and services such as Apple TV, Apple Music and iCloud Photos. Good news for iPhone users!

This is news that will delight Apple lovers! During an event dedicated to its Surface line – with PCs, hybrid tablets and even Teams-certified accessories – Microsoft took stock of the new features found in Windows11. And it goes through a surprising partnership with Apple. In fact, the Redmond company has announced the integration of Apple’s iCloud storage service in the Photos application on its interface. It will be enough to install the iCloud for Windows application from the Microsoft Store and synchronize iCloud to view their photos and videos taken on the iPhone. Good news for Apple smartphone users who don’t have Mac computers, especially since Apple TV and Apple Music will also arrive with much fanfare – today you’ll have to go through their website to access it.

iCloud Photos, Apple TV and Apple Music: Apple services coming to Windows 11 and Xbox

Microsoft wants to allow iPhone users to view their photo gallery from one of their devices. That’s why it decided to integrate Photos on iCloud into its Photos app via an update — version 2022.31100.9001.0 — that started rolling out a few weeks ago. Currently, users can only download a copy of their iCloud photos using the iCloud for Microsoft app. A process that isn’t the most convenient… With this update – which is currently only available in beta for those participating in the Microsoft Insider program – iCloud photos appear right next to other Snaps – with a small logo in the left corner – as well as in a separate folder in the left sidebar. You must therefore update your Photos application, download iCloud on Windows and activate synchronization from your account. A general public launch is planned for the month of November.

This is not the only surprise from Microsoft, which also announced that the Apple TV desktop applications and Apple Music can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. The beta versions will be launched soon, but it will be necessary to wait for a wave of 2023 to see them land for the general public. But the partnership between Microsoft and Apple is not limited to computers, it also takes place in another sector of the Redmond company: Xbox. In fact, Apple Music is now available on Xbox Series X/S and One, where it will be able to compete with Spotify. A bridge that can be profitable for the companies of Apple and Redmond, it is yet to be seen how it will develop next.

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