Microsoft is lowering the price of its Xbox Wireless Controller (Special Edition) for Christmas

If you want another controller for your Xbox or just find one to play on PC, Microsoft’s Xbox Series Wireless Controller in Mineral Camo Special Edition is 51.99 euros against 64.99 euros.

Whether it’s on Microsoft’s console or PC, the latest Xbox Series Wireless Controller is the one we recommend with our eyes closed. With a score of 8/10 during our test, this controller is a very good product that shines for its ergonomics and comfort, but also for its compatibility on several supports. And if you want to offer this controller for Christmas, that’s good, because currently the Minerale Camo Special Edition is on sale on the official website, losing 20% ​​of its original price.

What we like about this Xbox controller

  • Very good ergonomics
  • A more elaborate design
  • Not to mention the compatibility with many media

Initially priced at 64.99 euros, the Xbox Series Special Edition Minerale Camo Wireless Controller becomes more affordable on Microsoft’s website by appearing at 51.99 euros.

If the offer mentioned in this article is no longer available after that, please take a look below to find other promotions for the Microsoft Xbox Series Wireless Controller. The table is updated automatically.

Where to buy The

Microsoft Xbox Series Wireless Controller at the best price?

A reference on the market that has been refined

If the Xbox controller was already known to offer an excellent grip, the latest version arrived with the Xbox Series X and S, bringing improvements that allow a good movement upmarket. Although the design changes very little from the previous model, the controller is inspired by the excellent Elite 2. The directional pad now gives way to a circular D-pad, with a relief for the four cardinal directions. There is also a new rear grip to improve grip. The same grainy effect also occurs on the triggers and analog sticks, for better grip.

This significantly improves the controller’s grip and immediately gives it a “premium” effect. It’s a real move upmarket at this point. Triggers now vibrate, but few games support this feature yet. Otherwise, its format has even been slightly revised and becomes more compact, so that it can be used by smaller hands, without degrading the ergonomics of the rest of the users.

And keep its most important asset

Other small changes happen at the controller level, such as the presence of a new “Share” button or sharing in French. You will therefore be able to quickly take a screenshot in a game or save the last moments of a game, or even share the highlights of your gaming sessions on social networks. However, this feature is not available on PC.

The real strength of this controller remains the ability to operate on the console as well as on PC and smartphone or tablet, Android or iOS. It can easily connect via its USB-C port or wirelessly using Bluetooth connectivity or using a dongle. According to the manufacturer, the controller is able to last up to 40 hours of play.

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8 /10

Microsoft Xbox Series Wireless Controller

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