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Microsoft is partnering with Facebook to integrate Windows, Office and Xbox into the metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg wants to make the metaverse a useful place to play, socialize… and even work. On the sidelines of announcing Meta Quest Pro, its new virtual reality headset dedicated to the wealthiest among us, Meta announced that it had entered into a partnership with Microsoft to integrate all of the Redmond giant’s tools into Horizon Worlds, the metaverse made on facebook.

All Microsoft tools in Horizon Worlds

This collaboration between the two companies, which until then seemed more competitors than friends in the wonderful world of the metaverse, will see the arrival of Microsoft Teams, the Office suite, Windows 365 and even Xbox’s cloud gaming offering within Horizon. Worlds. “This new partnership integrates Microsoft’s popular productivity tools with Meta’s virtual reality devices, giving people greater flexibility in how they collaborate and work.” Meta proudly states in his announcement.

Concretely, this means that you can, for example, participate in video calls from meeting rooms in the metaverse and use the Office suite on a virtual computer. Windows 365 integration even means you can use your entire instance of Windows in the cloud, inside the metaverse. To work virtually in a virtual world. For the company, it is a way to position its headset as “a device suitable for enterprise use, easy to use, deploy and manage at scale”.

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If getting down in front of a computer in VR doesn’t sound much more interesting to you than getting down in front of a computer in real life, the Xbox Cloud Gaming offering might appeal more to you. By making Game Pass available in the metaverse, Microsoft allows you to enjoy your favorite games on a giant screen projected into the VR headset. It’s not a question here of launching VR titles that simulate a 360° environment, but rather of playing like in your living room on a bigger screen.

For Microsoft, the implementation of its tools in the metaverse is just another step in the company’s desire to be present on all platforms. Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said it himself during the conference: integration is about “ensure our software can benefit users on all their favorite devices”. For Facebook, it’s a way to be taken seriously by the business world, which is partly the segment that the brand new Meta Quest Pro is targeting. It’s left for the two companies to explain how going through Excel spreadsheets in the metaverse is fundamentally more exciting than doing it in front of your real office.

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