Microsoft is rampant about tabs

Despite a very long-standing demand from some Windows users, Microsoft took a long time to bring native support to it tabs in File Explorer. It is actually very new with an appearance in Windows 11 and as part of the 22H2 version via an out-of-cycle update.

Microsoft may now be unrestrained in the matter, as native tabs are likely to land in the near future in one of the oldest applications in the Windows operating system.

A work on the tabs in the application Notepad (or Notepad) on Windows 11 was betrayed by a fleeting Twitter post from a Microsoft employee. A dumpling, judging by the warning about the confidentiality of this news, the ban on mentioning it or taking screenshots.

Waiting for Windows Insiders

At this point, nothing says Microsoft won’t back down. Thus, the tabs for the Notepad application could not be subject to general public implementation, which would be a shame. Things should become clearer if the news happens to be found with the preview versions of Windows 11 (Windows Insiders).

Notepad is not abandoned in any case and Windows 11 had been an opportunity to make some changes. These tweaks weren’t just cosmetic, with a redesign of the search tool and to replace text, multi-level undo instead of single-action undo.


Microsoft has touted the Notepad app for productivity and performance. It gets even better with tabs…

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