Microsoft is testing new features for its store

Smarter updates, faster app recovery. The Microsoft Store is at the heart of the changes.

The Redmond company continues its testing program for “Insiders”. This is a handful of users who have the opportunity to preview the new features that the group plans to implement for Windows 11. In fact, if the operating system was officially implemented at the end of 2021, Microsoft plans several successive major updates during 2022. A profound redesign of the operating system for end users is therefore expected in the coming months.

Since the beginning of the year, Windows 11’s support for Android applications has made a lot of noise. It can be combined with other major advances in the Microsoft Store.

More secure app updates

This new beta version takes the name Build 25131. In its Insiders program, the group is testing through this new version a smarter way to update applications. Until now, when an update is started, regardless of whether the application is open or not, it works fully. In this context, if a job was in progress and was not saved, the user may lose it in whole or in part depending on the date of its last backup. This is a problematic point for all productivity applications in particular, such as the Office 365 Suite.

Faced with this observation, the publisher no longer plans to update the applications that are open and in use. A way to further secure ongoing tasks. A manual update will then be offered later for any applications that failed to update automatically.

Installing Android apps more intuitively

Android applications are starting to make their entrance and are not forgotten in this beta version. As soon as the user surfs the Internet and discovers an Android application compatible with Windows 11, a context menu will be offered to accompany him in his installation.

In addition, Microsoft specifies that it makes web browsing faster, without providing further details on the subject, and that it authorizes native support for Arm64 architectures to take full advantage of the performance of compatible devices, such as the Surface Pro. X, for example .

Finally, the publisher is working on restoring applications when the user e.g. need to change PC. A feature that was absent in Windows 11 until then.
Remember that all these new features are only in the testing phase. At this time, there is no guarantee that they will be implemented this way in the final version. Nevertheless, this Insiders program provides an overview of the developments that can be expected from the next major Windows 11 update.

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